Cullinan, Barnes, & Smeets, 1998

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Cullinan, V., Barnes, D., & Smeets, P. M. (1998). A precursor to the relational evaluation procedures: Analyzing stimulus equivalence. The Psychological Record, 48, 121-145.

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RFT: Empirical
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relational evaluation procedure

The article describes four experiments that employed a form of go/no/go procedure a precursor to the Relational Evaluation procedure (pREP). Use of pREP to test and train for equivalence responding; Effect of equivalence testing and instructions; Study of the interaction between the two procedures; Refinements to the pREP itself. The research findings suggests that further study of the interactions between these two procedures, combined with suggested refinements to the pREP itself, may contribute to a fuller understanding of those variables most relevant to producing equivalence responding.

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