ACBS Chapters Host Regional Conferences

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Are you excited for the World Conference in Dublin but don't want to wait until June to connect with other ACBS members? Then consider attending a regional conference hosted by one of the ACBS Chapters around the globe. Thanks to volunteer leadership, a number of these chapters are working hard to offer access to local research and training at their own conferences.

The regional conferences have committees of volunteers who start planning the conference at least one year in advance. These volunteers arrange the venue, catering, theme, and the keynote speakers. A regional conference will have a call for submissions months in advance of the event. After receiving the submissions, the program committee has to arrange the sessions for the conference program. These volunteers work hard planning every detail to make sure the event is a success. There are additional benefits of attending regional conferences. Some conferences have continuing education credits available. Sometimes, these conferences provide workshops in their native language, which is a great resource for people who might not be fluent in English.

Here is a list of some upcoming regional conferences that ACBS Chapters are hosting:

ACBS DGKV-Congress

Bamberg, Germany

12 – 14, October 2018


ACBS Nordic Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark

15 – 17, November 2018


Journées de l’AFSCC

Paris, France

23 - 24, November 2018


ACBS ANZ Conference

Canberra, Australia

9 -12, February 2019