JoAnne Dahl's radio program -- ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope

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ACT: Taking Hurt to Hope with JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D.

Life’s challenges are diverse. They may be circumstantial or broad-based. Suffering and lack of momentum are common results of life’s ups and downs. JoAnne Dahl will help guide listeners to spend less time with their problem and more time focusing on ‘values’ based action as in Acceptance Commitment Therapy. Opinion leaders from a variety of modalities will join JoAnne for candid discussions focusing on general principles for living as well as specific solutions for difficult problems.

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About JoAnne Dahl

JoAnne Dahl is an American, from Vermont, who has lived most of her adult life in Sweden. She is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Her research of 35 years has focused on helping people with chronic illness to find ways to get some wiggle room around difficult symptoms in order to continue living a vital life. We are all dealt a hand of cards from the start and the key is to enjoy life fully together with those cards, rather than fight them.

JoAnne’s research includes helping people with epileptic seizure disorders, all types of chronic pain, obesity and asthma. She is an internationally recognized psychotherapist trainer in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a relatively new evidence based therapy form. She has several books on this topic and is well known in the international community as an expert.

Recently, JoAnne was named Teacher of the Year for her inspirational and enthusiastic work in the classroom. This National Teacher of the Year award by given by the Swedish Behavior Therapy Association. JoAnne was also awarded The Golden Light Award given by the National Epilepsy Association for ‘Contributions for development of Psychological Treatment in the Developing Nations’, awarded by the Swedish Government.