How do I join and manage my ACBS listserv subscriptions and preferences?

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Step 1

Log in to your paid ACBS account. (Already logged in? Great! Proceed to Step 2.)

(Please note: You need to be an ACBS member to participate in the listservs.  Not sure if your membership is up to date?  After you log in click (at the upper right) “My Account”, you’ll see your general info. If there is no “Manage my Group Subscriptions” tab, next to “Edit”, then your membership has lapsed and you need to go here to renew. You can also copy and paste this link into your browser:

Step 2

Go here and click "Join" next to the listservs you're interested in.

You can also copy and paste this link into your browser:

Please keep in mind the default when joining is “Email (individual emails)”. This means you will receive an individual email each time someone posts to a listserv you have subscribed to. To change this, go to Step 3 below.

Step 3

You can update your listserv subscriptions and preferences (change to Daily Digest) at any time by following these instructions:

1) Log in to the ACBS website with your username and password.
2) Click “My Account," in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
3) Click the “Manage Group Subscriptions" tab which appears under your username in the center of the window.

4) Here, you can leave, or change your delivery preferences.

Delivery preferences include:

“Email” (individual emails of all posts and replies to the listserv)
“No email” (access the listserv online only at
“Digest email” (receive one email per day including all posts and replies within the past 24 hours)

Remember, the emails will go the email address on your ACBS Member account.  To update your email address Log in, click "My Account", then "Edit", enter your correct email address, then "Save" at the bottom.

Other Information

Additionally, at the bottom of every message you’ll see:

Full post:
- If you want to look back at this entire thread (if you wanted to follow this topic), you can click here and interact with it on the ACBS website to see each response on this topic.

Attachments for this thread (this will appear only if there is/are attachments):
- Click this to view the first message in a thread and see ALL of the attachments in the conversation. (Attachments in "reply" posts are actually attached to the first message in the thread and can be accessed online, when logged in, via this link.)

Manage my subscriptions:
- Click this to change from Individual emails to Daily Digest or to join or leave a list completely.

Stop emails for this post:
- If you have no interest in an ongoing conversation (let’s say it’s about “ACT for Maple Trees”) you can click here and unsubscribe from future posts (replies) on that thread.

Want to know more?

Please visit our ACBS Listserv FAQ page for answers to many questions you may have.