Guest Registration (Spouses/Children/etc.) for June 21 BBQ

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This event, 6:00pm - 11:00pm (pending confirmation we can be there that late), June 21, 2010, in the Manzanita Bowl (corner of N. Virginia St. & 9th St., approx. 4 blocks from the Silver Legacy Hotel) on the campus of the University of Nevada Reno, will be a good time for all!

(If you are registered to attend the World Conference 8, this event is included.  The prices below only apply to your guests.)

Spouses/Children are invited to attend, but because there is a real cost for each participant, we must collect payment for your guest(s).


  • Children ages 6 & under, free! (no need to register)
  • Children ages 7-18, $15
  • Adults, $20
  • Note: If you do not register via the instructions below by June 3, 2010, ADD $10 to each registration. (so, $25, $30 respectively)

To Register your Guest...

1. Email Emily at by May 28, tell her your guest's name, adult or child, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

2. On June 20 or June 21 at the registration desk, please give Emily the registration fee (Cash Only, exact change), and she'll give you the badge(s) for your guest(s). Alternatively you may give your phone number in the email you send to Emily and she will call you to get your credit card information, and take your payment that way.

What will be at the BBQ?
(food will be served at 6:30pm)
For Meat Eaters:
Championship Award Winning Pulled Pork & Shredded Chicken Sandwiches, BBQ Smoked Meatballs,
Gordon's Famous Meaty Beans, Green Salad with Dressing, Whole Kernel Corn, Garlic Bread, Soda or Bottled Water

For Vegetarians:
Portabella Mushroom Sandwiches, Vegetarian 4 Cheese Lasagna, Vegetarian Beans, Green Salad with Dressing, Whole Kernel Corn, Garlic Bread, Soda or Bottled Water

Your choice of 4 flavors of ice cream from Tahoe Creamery

A reasonably priced Cash bar will be available onsite.

Contract with band pending