GO-IRAP Software and Manual

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Welcome to the Ghent-Odysseus Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (GO-IRAP)! 


The GO-IRAP is a new version of the IRAP written in JAVA so it is easily installed, and the new user-friendly interface makes an IRAP very easy to set up.
Some new features of the GO-IRAP include:
  • Training and Traditional Testing IRAPs
  • Traditional (Label and Target) and Natural Language (Sentence) IRAP formats 
  • The easy input of complex languages and characters for stimuli and instructions 
  • The use of text or images as labels, targets, and response options
  • Block level or trial-type level application of mastery criteria
  • Label-Target-Response Option stimuli locking 
  • Incorrect and Correct responding feedback options
  • One easily readable .txt data and experimental file 

The 2 program files (32 bit and 64 bit versions) and the PDF of the manual are attached for all ACBS members to download. 

We are also attaching a folder named 'Training IRAP' which was recently used at a workshop presented at the Division of Behavior Analysis Conference in Dublin to demonstrate how the Training IRAP can easily be used in ABA settings to teach both basic and complex relational skills (Barnes-Holmes, McEnteggart, & Kavanagh, 2017). This folder also contains a paper entitled 'Teaching Important Relational Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability Using Freely Available (GO-IRAP) Software'  which followed on from this workshop (Murphy & Barnes-Holmes, 2017).

Note: Bug Testing. We have been using the GO-IRAP in our research lab without encountering any problems, however, bug testing of the GO-IRAP is ongoing, so no guarantees can be made that no bugs or errors can be found within the program.

Note: Source Code. Because the GO-IRAP is still in the testing phase and there are additional features that we plan to add to the final version, we cannot make the source code available at this time, however we intend to make the source code open access in late 2020.

Also see the https://go-rft.com/ website!

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