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Farsi Version of "Making Sense of Spirituality"

The attached file is a Farsi translation the very first paper on ACT and RFT: Hayes, S. C. (1984) Making sense of spirituality. Behaviorism, 12, 99-110.

It was written just two years after the transformational experience described in Steve's TEDx talk on the origins of ACT ( and one year after the first ACT works. In it you can see much of the future that will unfold. It is a difficult text and is demanding to read (especially for those not steeped in behavior analysts). That make it hard to translate but the translators, Seyed Ali Kolahdouzan (President of the Persian chapter of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science) and Peiman Rezaie Maram (Research Deputy of the Chapter) have worked very hard to make sure it is accurate, understandable and clear. We are proud to have it available in Farsi for the first time here -- on the ACBS website in the Persian Chapter area. 


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