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Experiential Adolescent Group Program

Louise Hayes and Julie Rowse. (2008). Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Experiential Adolescent Group Program. Also available from

The program is an 8 week group program for adolescents. The aim of the program is to use experiential mediums, for example painting or clay, to facilitate teenagers’ experience of the ACT concepts. Art allows them to explore their own experiences, without getting caught up in language processes.

The group program also makes use of role play and other forms of experience. Initial outcome data is positive and will be available from the first author early 2009. Artwork is shown in this document for training purposes only and should not be reproduced in anyway. All participant artwork has been used with written consent from the participants.

The program is designed for experienced ACT therapists to be modified as needed. It is not a step by step guide to ACT with young people. It is designed to be used flexibly, modifiying the content to fit with the particpants.

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