Drugs and Alcohol Action Teams ACT 2 day training course

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Powerpoint from 2 day training courses I have run for Drugs and Alcohol Action Teams (DAATS). The course is usually run after a two day CBT training.



In this workshop, you will learn:

The position of ACT in relation to other cognitive behavioural therapies
The six core principles of ACT, and how to adapt them to different clinical populations
Become aware of tools to develop and strengthen psychological acceptance
Become aware of ways to rapidly reduce the believability of negative thoughts (without challenging them)
Develop an understanding of mindfulness, and how to use ACT therapeutically
How to innovate your own mindfulness techniques
How to utilise ACT in a variety of clinical problems
How to use interventions based on metaphor, paradox and experiential exercises
How to apply ACT in your own life, to create a sense of vitality, meaning and fulfilment
How to use ACT to help you cope with the stresses of difficult clients
How to access and experience a transcendent sense of self
How to fundamentally change your relationship with unwanted thoughts and feelings
How to help clients connect with their core values, and take committed action

Teaching methods will be a mixture of didactic and experiential learning. Handouts for future use will be provided.

Nadim I. Siddiqui
Associate Fellow British Psychological Society, BA (Hons) Psychology, MSc (Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy), Cert. REBT, Cert. Stress Man., Dip. Couns., EMDR level 2. Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner

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