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Consultation and Supervision in ACT - Robyn Walser

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy supervision and consultation by phone or Skype. The supervision is designed to assist you in developing your skill, using the six core processes, in the implementation of ACT. The design of superivsion is in line with ACT core competencies and focuses on a range of issues including personal experience in therapy to feeling stuck with a client. Arrangements made on contact. Group supervision also available. Please feel free to email me at if you are interested.

A little about me: I have been involved in ACT since 1991 both through research and clinical work. I have been conducting trainings in ACT since 1998, training both nationally and internationally in multiple formats and addressing multiple client problems. I have authored a number of articles, chapters and books on these topics. Including ACT for PTSD (co-author) and Learning ACT (co-author).  I focus on dynamic, warm and challenging ACT trainings and have been referred to by my consultees as a clinician’s clinician. I routinely do ACT in private practice and in a hosptial setting as a means to stay connected to the work and connected to the experiences of the clinician. I am happy to answer any quesitons you might have about these consultation services.

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