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Conference Strategy Committee

This committee in consultation with the Executive Director shall make decisions regarding broad policies related to ACBS’s Annual Conference. They shall recommend future conference locations, evaluate venue proposals, and choose future conference sites, with final approval reserved by the ACBS Board. They are tasked with thematic determinations, plenary speaker approval, conference structure determination (timing, length, etc.), and other related decisions. They shall invite pre-conference workshops, or create an ad hoc to complete the task. They will act as a resource for conference program chairs, as needed.

In the past, the Conference Strategy Committee has been responsible for:
• Organizing the annual world conference by selecting plenary speakers, pre-conference workshops and working on non-program items (social events, etc.)
• Ensuring diversity in selected speakers and workshops
• Reviewing conference evaluation information to improve the conference.

2023/2024 Conference Strategy Committee Members

Sonja Batten
Diana Garcia
Andrew Gloster
Jennifer Gregg
Dawn Johnson
Maria Karekla
Louise McHugh
Rhonda Merwin
Miranda Morris
Manuela O'Connell
Giovambattista Presti
Laura Silberstein-Tirch
Dennis Tirch
Shawn Costello-Whooley


(This page was updated on 10/04/2023)

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