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Association for Contextual Behavioral Science: China Chapter

Affiliated 2014

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Contact Information

zhu zhuohong, Ph.D., Institute of Psychology,CAS, Beijing, China

Geographic (or language) Boundaries of the Chapter

People's Republic of China

Chapter Officers

2015 Chapter Board Members elected:
President: Dr. Zhu Zhuohong, Institute of Psychology, China Academy of Science
Vice-president: Dr. Zhang Qi (Ellen), Psychology Department, Normal Institute, Beijing United University

 Secretary: Mr. Xu Zhuo, Psychologist, Deep Happiness Studio; Ph.D Candidate, Psychology Department, Tsinghua University
Student Representative: Ms. Cuiyunlong, Institute of Psychology, China Academy of Science


The Association may engage in activities designed to accomplish its purposes, including:

  • Peer consultation groups, peer and student supervision, communicating referrals
  • Providing workshops and presentations, translating English publications to Chinese and vice versa
  • Publishing Chinese publications (books, journals, training materials, online-publications, etc.) to introduce contextual behavior science and practices organizing taskforces to contribute to local/global ACBS SIGs
  • Communicating on Chapter Website and Listserv
  • Hosting domestic and international conferences
  • Providing contextual behavioral therapies and presentations to ACBS China Chapter members and citizens at large
  • May provide for the formation and dissolution of any core activities within the Association
  • Association may hold periodic meetings for the transaction of business and presentations regarding developments in contextual behavioral science, application, and the advancement of human welfare
  • Association may promote and provide research opportunities to world-wide practitioners, researchers, and scholars for the cross-cultural contextual behavioral therapies

Chapter Activities

Past Workshops:
2014/03/15 – 16, Beijing, China, 2-day entry level ACT therapy workshop, (Teacher, Dr. Zhu zhuohong)
2014/06/21 – 22, Beijing, China, 2-day mid-level ACT therapy workshop, (Teacher, Dr. Li Yan)
2014/09/20 – 23, Beijing, China, 4-day entry-mid level ACT therapy workshop, (Teacher, Dr. Robyn Walser; Interpreter, Frank Xu)

2015/09/09-10,lanzhou,China,2-day entry level ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/09/17-20,Kaifeng,China,4-day entry level ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/10/10-11,Chengdu,China,2-day entry level ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/10/16-18,Zhongshan,China,3-day ACT workshop (Teacher,Dr,Zhu zhuohong)

2015/10/20-24,Shanghai,China,5-day ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr. Zhu zhuohong)

2015/10/30-31,Hangzhou,China,5-day ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/11/10,Psychology department,Tsinghua University,Beijing,China,ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/11/20,Psychology department, Capital Normal University,Beijing,China,ACT workshop(Teacher, Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/12/5-6,Suzhou,China,2-day ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/12/8,Beijing Normal University,ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2015/12/11-14,Midfuleducation Company,Beijing ,China, ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2016/01/2-3,Harbin Engineering University, Harbin,China,ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

2016/01/08-10, Beijing,ACT workshop(Teacher,Pro.YanLi)

2016/01/07-11,Henan University,Kaifeng,China,ACT workshop(Teacher,Dr.Zhu zhuohong)

Past Meetings:
2014/09/22, Beijing China, Meeting: Discussion of ACT and contextual behavior therapy’s further development in China (Hosted by Dr. Zhu Zhuohong, and Dr. Robyn Walser)
2014/09/27, Beijing, China, Meeting: The first group meeting for ACBS China Chapter application preparation, and the Chapter Board election. (Hosted by Dr. Zhu Zhuohong)

2016/01/24,Beijing,China,Meeting: Summary of the work in 2015 and discuss the development of  China Chapter of ACBS.

Translation of ACT books:
Learning ACT: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills-Training Manual for Therapists (Chinese Translation in progress)
ACT Made Simple: An Easy-To-Read Primer on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Chinese Translation, in press)

Description of Membership

The types of membership shall be professional, student, and affiliate. For details regarding the types of membership, and the corresponding rights and responsibilities, please refer to the ACBS China Chapter By-laws documentation.

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