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CBS Assessment Measures in 49 Languages Other than English

This page includes a list of non-English measures relevant to ACT or psychological flexibility, or to other CBS-related areas (e.g., CFT, FAP, RFT, etc), both translated and original. As a courtesy, if you use these versions in research it is common to contact the translator (or originator if it began as a non-English measure) and let them know of the study -- ideally before publishing it.  If you know of a non-English CBS-relevant measure validated in a journal or study, please email the instrument and the citation to The measures need not be limited to self-report measures validated by psychometric evaluations (indeed, psychometrics itself has been roundly criticized in the CBS literature). The measures can include experience sampling, behavioral, observational or other measures appropriate for idiographic functional analysis or idionomic process-based research, in line with the Task Force report on CBS research strategies (which you can find here: Thank you to all of our ACBS members who have contributed to this site, our science, and our community!

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