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ACT and Mindfulness Consultation Group at City University

An ACT consultation group will be starting on the City University campus. The group will take the form of case discussion/review, discussion, application and demonstration of ACT and Mindfulness techniques and sharing of research and resources.

The group is intended to be a good learning ground for all involved and recognizes that at times, we all feel like imposters, fools and nerr-do-wells.

Based on interest, meetings will continue through out the year. There will be no cost for the meetings. All are welcome, no matter your level of training in ACT. However, a familiarity with the model will support you to better participate in the discussion. All cohorts are welcome as well as professors and along with any interested clinicians or students from the broader community.

For more information or to communicate your interest, please email me at

Sean M. Swaby, MA
Internationally Certified Clinical Addiction Counsellor with the CACCF (


(This information was last updated in November 2017).

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