Awards Committee

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The ACBS Awards Committee was formed in 2016 and is committed to the growth of ACBS values by recognizing the important works of those who have excelled in various aspects in the field of contextual behaviorism. The ACBS Awards Committee has grown to include the following duties:

• Assist the Board in vetting and selecting ACBS Fellows.
• Review the applications and select the recipient of the Michael J. Asher Dissertation Award.
• Assist in selecting the Junior Investigator Poster Awards from the poster presentations at the annual ACBS World Conference.

The Awards Committee is planning to increase the number of awards available in the future. We are always looking for new volunteers who want to serve on the Awards Committee!

The 2018 ACBS Awards Committee
M. Joann Wright – Chair
Olga Berkout
Anne Donnelly
Laura Silberstein-Tirch
Jill Stoddard
Patricia Zurita Ona

A full list of ACBS Awards can be found here.



(This page was updated on 3/27/2018)