At-Risk Adolescents

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Experimental tests to date:

None Published

For further information contact: Amy Murrell ( or Kelly Wilson (, University of Mississippi.

Author's note: We are posting this protocol in the hope that they will provide useful information in helping clients and spark further interest and research in ACT with children and adolescents. Please, recognize that we consider the treatment technology to be evolving in nature. These protocols, therefore, should be viewed as works in progress. The underlying principles should be adhered to, but the protocols can (and indeed should) be used with flexibility.

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more information

Looks like a good curriculum, where can I find the supporting materials?

your question

Hi Asenath, thank you for your note. If you log in to the website, you'll see the attachment at the bottom of the page text for the protocol.

Please let met know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Supporting materials

Hi Emily, I read the instructions to Asenath but am unable to figure out how to access the supporting materials.
Could you expand on thos instrcutions. Thanks

Likewise I cannot see any

Likewise I cannot see any supporting materials on the page that you posted. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

attachment on the page

Hi Kate, if you login and go to the page, can you see the link for the attachment named "ACT_for_Life_Protocol_2_12_03[1].pdf"

That is what is attached.

If you don't see it to download it, I would recommend trying a different browser. (Safari in particular seems to be temperamental.)

Please let me know if that doesn't work.