Symptoms of social anxiety and depression: Acceptance of socially anxious thoughts and feelings as a moderator

Volume 11, January 2019, Pages 44-49

Maureen K. Flynn, Michael J. Bordieri, and Olga V. Berkout

Symptoms of social anxiety are linked to a number of negative outcomes among college students and are often associated with depression symptoms. This study examined the extent to which acceptance of symptoms of social anxiety (i.e., fears of being scrutinized and social interaction anxiety) moderated the relationship between these symptoms and depression. The sample consisted of 961 undergraduates, who completed a series of questionnaires online. Results showed that interaction effects between both 1) acceptance and fears of being scrutinized and 2) acceptance and social interaction anxiety significantly predicted scores on the depressive symptoms measure. Findings support treatments that target increased acceptance as a transdiagnostic process.

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