On the efficacy of mindfulness, defusion, and behavioral skills training on job interviewing skills in dually-diagnosed adults with developmental disorders

Kaitlyn Brazeau, Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Andrea Mazo, Samantha Smalley, Sam Krus, and LaDonna Henson


The current study evaluated the efficacy of mindfulness and defusion to help reduce anxiety experienced during practice job interviews with three individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. A multiple baseline across participants design was used to evaluate the efficacy of the interventions. Participants’ performance during practice interviews was evaluated using an interview checklist created specifically for this study. Behavioral skills training, consisting of instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback, was also implemented for two of the three participants to facilitate skill acquisition. Two of the three participants showed substantial improvements in performance during the practice interview sessions, and all participants reported feeling favorable about the interventions in which they participated.

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