A web-based self-guided program to promote valued-living in college students: A pilot study (Pages 29-38)

Volume 12, April 2019, Pages 29-38

Jacob Firestone, LeeAnn Cardaciotto, Michael E. Levin, Edie Goldbacher, Peter Vernig, Laura Eubanks Gambrel


Web-based programs that focus on values, a core process within acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), may be a promising approach to cultivate positive psychosocial adjustment among undergraduates. The current study tested the usability, acceptability, and receptivity of the Living Your Values (LYV) program, a single-session, web-delivered, self-guided values intervention for undergraduates and its utility to promote valued-living and psychological well-being. In an undergraduate sample (N = 133), while the LYV program was deemed moderately usable, acceptability and receptivity findings were more attenuated. At follow-up (n = 98), a significant pre-intervention to follow-up increase in valued-living was evidenced both overall and for leisure/recreation/community/citizenship values. No significant changes in psychological well-being were demonstrated. Further program development considerations are discussed.

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