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ACT Practice Groups & Supervision (1:1) with Jim Lucas (UK)

If you are interested in becoming a better ACT Therapist, then supervision is an essential and useful tool. My focus is to help you build your ACT skills in an experiential way with using role-play and feedback. I'll coach you through the challenges of helping people to develop psychological flexibility, whilst simultaneously supporting you to embody it yourself. The best way I know how to do this is to model it first, evoke it in you second and reinforce it third.


Individual and Group Practice

I am based in Birmingham, UK and I can offer both individual and group practice supervision in-person and online using ZOOM. 

With 1:2:1 supervision, you get to focus completely on you, your client work and your relationships in the workplace.  Sessions are £95 for 60 minutes.

Group Practices 

With group practice supervision, the focus is different. Made up of mulitple participants (including me), we use a format similar to the Portland Model. We real-play or role-play challenging experiences to give the Skills-Builder the opportunity to practice and develop through experiential learning and real-time feedback. As a group, we coach the person in the Skills-Builder role to be flexible and try out different ways of intervening.   

The group practice sessions take place every week Monday 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm UK time.  You can come along as little or as often as you like.  They take place inside our Practitioners Community, which you can join for £19.95 per month. 

For more information, please visit

As a member, you'll also get access to a host of other wonderful live events, courses and resources.

We meet every Thursday from 1 pm to 2 pm (UK time) for an ACT Case Conceptualisation Clinic.  Bring your cases to get specific guidance or observe and contribute ideas to other members challenges.

I run a series of live workshops each year and then adapt them into self-paced online courses.  In 2022, they include:

  • ACT Case Conceptualisation
  • Getting more Experiential
  • ACT Enhanced Exposure
  • Behavioural Principles Primer
  • Powering Up Creative Hopelessness
  • ACT for Depression

Come and join us.  We are a warm group of worldwide practitioners seeking to develop our ACT knowledge and expertise alongside other practitioners.  I hope to see you there.

Click here to join. 

About me:

I've been practicing ACT since 2008 and I qualified as a CBT Therapist in 2005. I presently work in private practice running a psychology service called Openforwards with a small group of therapists. I teach and supervise trainees at University of Birmingham CBT Programme.  I have a PG Certificate in Clinical Supervision and I've trained in delivering online supervison. I am an ACBS Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer.

ACT and CBS now defines the way I work and how I approach my own life. I believe in the power of science and language. I believe in authentic connecting with openness, courage and curiosity. These ways of being are my focus and my intention. They are reliable friends and mentors. My passion lies in supporting people who work in helping roles, sharing simple and accessible practices in self-care and reflective practices and encouraging workplaces to take better care of their employees. 

I am author of the ACT Roadmap and co-author of SEED: An ACT Supervision Model.

To discuss supervision, give me a call on tel. +441215231108 or email me

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