ACT for the Christian Client SIG

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ACT for the Christian Client Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2015

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Contact Information

Ingrid Ord
Ingrid Rhea Consultants
Western Cape, South Africa


"The purpose of the ACT for the Christian Client SIG is  to support both religious and non-religious ACT practitioners who are seeking to attend to their Christian clients' unique spiritual values; to conceptually integrate ACT with Christian teaching, and to identify ways to apply ACT in a manner that is consistent with sound scientific and theological principles."

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed

1) ACT as a means of treating clients
2) Integrating ACT with Christian teaching (e.g., identifying ways in which ACT is congruent to concepts within Christianity)
3) The clinical application of ACT in a manner that is acceptable to Christian clients and leaders
4) Supporting ACT practitioners who are working with Christian clients

SIG Activities

1) Listserv consultation on the above topics
2) Review and discussion of literature
3) List of resources
4) Symposia, workshops, posters, etc., at ACBS world conferences

Description of Membership

Membership is open to ACBS Members, both Christian and non-Christians, who wish to learn more about how to help their clients. Researchers and academics are also welcome.