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ACT for Athletes (The Flexible Mind)

'The Flexible Mind - Session Guides' are intended for use by practitioners working with athletes who wish to use Acceptance and Commitment Training to support the performance and mental health of the athletes. The sessions are organized as follows:

  1. Introducing Athletes to The Flexible Mind approach (Session 1)
  2. Mind full vs. Mindful (Session 2)
  3. Orientating to Our Inner Compass (Session 3)
  4. Being Open, Living Big (Session 4)
  5. Getting Present with the Discomfort (Session 5)
  6. Flexibility… of the Psychological Kind (Session 6)
  7. Developing the Game Plan (Session 7)

For further details please see: and the book:  Twitter: @Mind_Flexer

We hope that the materials are helpful. If you have any queries or feedback please contact Ross White ( 

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