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ACT ADVISOR is a hexaflex-based self-report measure of psychological flexibility, its name being an acronym for the hexaflex processes (Acceptance; Commitment & Taking action; Attention to present; Defusion; Values Identification; Self as Observer; and Resulting psychological flexibility). It may be used both in case formulation and in tracking progress during therapy.

On being presented with this “double hexaflex” diagram, users are asked to choose where they would place themselves on the six different scales representing these core ACT processes, each with “opposite” statements at either end. Scoring is simply a matter of recording the user’s numerical responses and totalling them to give their Resulting psychological flexibility score. If ACT ADVISOR is administered repeatedly, scores can be tracked using the charts provided.

The idea for using the hexaflex as a diagnostic/ case formulation tool was, I believe, originally Kelly Wilson's and his materials (see The Hexaflex Dimensional Approach to Diagnostics) influenced the development of this instrument. Steve Hayes made helpful suggestions about the anchor statements for each process in earlier drafts, and I am also grateful for the ACT listserv community’s interest and input.

ACT ADVISOR statement rating form offers an alternative format. In this version users are asked to rate 12 statements independently of each other and without the possible steer of the double hexaflex diagram. Instructions for scoring this version are provided separately, with the Resulting psychological flexibility score here being converted to a percentage. 

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Submitted by David Chantry

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