Accept your blood sucking leech

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Many years ago, a friend of mine had the unfortunate experience of a leech attaching to her leg. Even though it was not easy and a pretty bad scene overall, she allowed the creepy creature to fill itself up and it eventually detached itself from her leg without further incident.

Our first intuition was to rip the leech off; however this could have caused toxic leech vomit to enter her system.

So, the same goes for any unwanted, nasty, and blood-sucking private experiences. While we want to act intuitively and engage in experiential avoidance (which most likely will contribute to the problem worsening later on) we have to learn that sometimes it is just best to OPEN UP to and ACCEPT the situation. Just like a leech, these experiences can be bothersome and painful to observe, but they won't kill you. Just thinking about this now, my friend must have engaged in a huge amount of defusion from leech-related thoughts during those 25 minutes.