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ACBS Student Spotlight Program

The Student Spotlight Program highlights students who are doing important work in the CBS community whether for research, clinical, and/or volunteer-humanitarian efforts. It is a way to highlight their achievements, let the ACBS community know important work students are doing, and provides a platform for mentoring/collaboration/professional development/conversations around highlighted areas.

All of the spotlighted students will be featured on the ACBS website “What’s New” section of the homepage for one week as well as on various social media sites (both ACBS and Student SIG). Additionally, all the spotlighted students will get 50% off (beginning March 2021) the ACBS World Conference student registration fee (must be eligible to register as a student). This discount must be used for World conference in the year it is awarded or used for the World Conference in the following year (If you cannot use it for the 2024 Argentina Conference, keep it for the 2025 Conference!).

6 students are selected annually. In order to support basic science, 2 spots will be reserved for students who contributed to basic science.


Eligible students must be current ACBS members at time of submission closing. Must be considered a student in their country of study/practice. Final degree (Ph.D., M.A., other) must not be conferred until at least 3 months following the closing of the application period.

All candidates will be rated on research experience, clinical/clinical training experience, significant achievements, commitment to diversity and equality and additional considerations. ACBS members can login to see the criteria here.

We receive applications twice per year. The first round of applications will be accepted approximately November 1-November 30, annually. The second round of applications will be accepted approximately March 1-March 31 annually. Applicants need to submit a 2-page (minimum) CV and complete the application form.

The reviewers review applications twice per year. The first round of review will be done by the end of December, and the second round of review will be done by the end of April. We will select 2-4 students (including at least 1 from basic science) in each application cycle (6 total). After reviewing, we will feature each spotlighted student once, spaced out over the following months.



Award Recipients:

Diana Cox (August 2024)

Marianna Zacharia (March 2024)

Duckhyun Jo (February 2024)

Korena Klimczak (January 2024)

Wenqian ZHAO (September 2023)

LAM Ching Yee (August 2023)

Jenna Lauren Adamowicz (March 2023)

Conor McCloskey (February 2023)

James Fowler (January 2023)

Georgia Polyviou (October 2022)

Samuel Spencer (September 2022)

Amanda Chastain (August 2022)

Huiyuan LI (July 2022)

Julie Petersen (March 2022)

Carter Haskell Davis (February 2022)

Erin Wolff (August 2021)

Niloofar Tavakoli (July 2021)

Anne I. Roche (March 2021)

Sebastian Garcia-Zambrano (February 2021)

Huanzhen Xu (January 2021)

Alison Stapleton (October 2020)

Adam Kuczynski (September 2020)

Diane Dallal (August 2020)

Clarissa Ong (December 2019)

Joshua Schultz (June 2019)

Sérgio Andrade Carvalho (April 2019)

Lauren B. Johnson (March 2019)

Ethan Lester (March 2019)

Lynn Farrell (December 2018)

Amanda Rhodes (September 2018)

Raul Vaz Manzione (September 2018)

Jessica Stark (May 2018)

Kevin Davies (April 2018)

Inês A. Trindade (March 2018)

Joanna Kaye (February 2018)

Emily Brenny Kroska (July 2017)

Wang Fenfen (May 2017)

Rajinder (Sonia) Singh (May 2017)

Victoria Ameral (March 2017)

Cainã Gomes (February 2017)

Corinna Stewart (January 2017)

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