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We are an organization of people from a diverse range of professional and cultural groups. We are also growing fast. We believe that if ACBS is to keep pace with members and their needs, we must proactively assess and address obstacles to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. In order to do this, we need outside perspectives to inform behaviors, policies, and systems inside ACBS. In consultation with the DEI and DN committees, ACBS contracted to work with a JEDI consultant. JEDI stands for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

Some of our goals

  • Identify and redress existing policies or procedures in the organization that may disproportionately marginalize or negatively impact individual or collective membership, particularly sexual and gender diverse groups, racial/ethnic minority groups and members from developing nations.
  • Increase pathways to support more diverse representation in leadership positions including committee, chapter, and SIG leadership positions.
  • Increase and diversify efforts to support the recruitment, retention, and active participation of a diverse membership.
  • Promote a spirit of inclusion and belonging within the organization, where all members feel encouraged and empowered to honor and celebrate cultural differences.
  • Identify specific issues/initiatives that members feel motivated and interested in leading, on a voluntary basis.

The work began late in 2022 with teams of volunteers recruited and organized soon after.  The 5 teams and their areas of interest are:

  • Researcher support (to support ACBS member’s DEI research goals)
  • Membership development (recruitment, retention in line with DEI goals)
  • Training (improvement in training techniques and opportunities, mentorship, career advancement in line with DEI goals)
  • Leadership (support upcoming leaders in ACBS, mentorship)
  • Governance (Review current policies and procedures for obstacles to DEI goals and facilitate evidence-based revision)

Our JEDI Consultant, Dr. Tyson Panke, met with teams in September to provide feedback regarding draft proposals. Teams are now working to refine their proposals and will meet again with Dr. Panke in December, before submitting final proposals to the ACBS Board in January, 2024.

There is still time to join us moving JEDI work forward.  Please submit your interest here

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