ACBS Endorses Guidelines for Doctoral Psychology Programs

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ACT belongs to a family of cognitive behavioral therapies, and in the years to come, it is important that the more general tradition of cognitive behavioral psychology is advanced. Thus, ACBS has contributed to inter-organizational efforts aimed at solidifying the training methods which have progressed the field thus far. Professor James Herbert of Drexel University generously served as representation for ACBS in a multi-year series of discussions sponsored by the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies which brought together many leading organizations.

The result of these discussions is a set of doctoral training guidelines which the ACBS Board of Directors is pleased to endorse. The seventeen-page document contains thoughtful recommendations related to the development of research and clinical competencies, as well as ethical and scientific attitudes. Many CBS sensibilities are found throughout. For example, the importance of philosophy of science is emphasized, with specific mention of functional contextualism. In a list of well-supported clinical principles, values clarification, defusion, and acceptance are highlighted, alongside behavioral activation, exposure, and shaping. The document is sure to provide useful guidance in the years to come, and is available for download from the ACBS website. Thanks to all those involved in its creation. 

List of organizations which have endorsed the guidelines:

• ABCT Academic Training Committee
• ABCT Board of Directors
• ABCT Committee on Affiliations and Specializations
• Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies
• Academy of Cognitive Therapy
• Academy of Psychological Clinical Science
• American Board of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology
• American Board of Professional Psychology
• Association for Behavior Analysis International
• Association for Contextual Behavioral Science
• Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers
• Association of Psychology Training Clinics
• Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology Specialty Council
• Council of University Directors of Clinical Psychology
• International Society for the Improvement and Teaching of Dialectical Behavior Therapy         

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