About the Hosts

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About the hosts:

john_graduate.jpgJohn Dehlin

John Dehlin is a 2nd year clinical psychology Ph.D. student at Utah State University under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Twohig. John's primary research interests include the clinical application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy towards Scrupulosity (Master's thesis) and married couples (Dissertation). John is also involved in research around the use of ACT as a treatment for OCD, trichotillomania, GLBTQ-related issues and problematic pornography viewing. John has a Masters degree in Instructional Technology, and has worked for over 15 years in the high tech. industry, including employment positions with Microsoft, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur Andersen and Bain & Company. John is married to Margi Dehlin, and is the proud father of four children. In his spare time, John runs "Mormon Stories Podcast" which is a stories-based interview series exploring the more difficult/controversial aspects of Mormonism. John's podcast work has been discussed on Good Morning America and in the New York Times, Fox News, and Salt Lake Tribune.

blackshirt_compressed.jpgJennifer Plumb

Jennifer Plumb, M.A., is currently a clinical psychology Ph.D. student at the University of Nevada, Reno under the tutelage of Steve Hayes, Ph.D. She is nearing the end of her graduate training and begins her clincial internship at the VA Puget Sound in Seattle, WA in the summer of 2011. At UNR Jen has used ACT to work with clients who have struggled with chronic illness and pain, substance abuse, OCD, depression, and interpersonal difficulties, as well as clients who have multiple difficulties. Jen's primary focus has been on the values process within ACT, and she has designed and conducted research studies on values, and has written articles on values from an ACT, clinical behavior analysis, and Relational Frame Theory perspective. In 2009, she co-authored The Art & Science of Valuing In Psychotherapy, a book for clinicians about conducting ACT work with a values emphasis. Jen's career goal is to progress a science of healthy psychological behavior, and she hopes to make an impact on the world by disseminating practices that science has shown to be helpful in overcoming barriers to living a life directed by values. In her spare time, Jen enjoys running in nature, singing, and cooking for friends & family.



Hi, I am a mental health nurse in NSW Australia. I currently work in a DBT framework and became addicted to podcasting all things neuroscience, mental health and health related as a way of making my 30-40 minute commute to work a meaningful space. I am currently working my way through the ACT podcasts, all of which have been great and thanks so much for that. This morning I finished listening to Kelly Wilson and I have been completely blown away. I love the concept of working toward reducing the difference between mindfulness and life. Everything about this podcast was wonderful and has synchronised with other things happening in my life in a very meaningful way. I cannot thank you both enough for this. One of the things that I have really gotten form this series is not to hold expectations of nmyself as a therapist so tightly and an action that came from this was allowing myself to be vulnerable in our DBT consult group and ask for help about a current client when in the past I would not have. It also gives me a new perspective to reflect upon my work with clients and to consider how I can be of greater service. Thank you


Thanks Jen and John for taking the time to put together this podcast. I'm new to ACT, just starting out, so this has really helped me in my practice. I work as a psychologist in Sweden.

The only thing you could improve is the the EQ:ing on Johns voice. It's really sharp and I have to turn the volume down everytime you talk :-)


Thanks and some feedback

I am new to ACT, having attended training through the Veterans Administration this fall with Robin Walser. I have learned a lot listening to this podcast and want to say thanks! It has helped to pull it together and it is great to be able to listen to on my long commute to and from work. One difficulty I have listening, is that John Dehlin's voice is consistantly so much louder than either Jen's or the guest so every time John talks I have to turn the volume down.
Thanks.. Mark Farrington

A unique experience

I am a 55 years old psychologist (conceptualized self !) working in Montreal (french). I have a background in humanistic psychology and psychodynamic therapy. I discovered ACT 3 years ago, had some training with Kevin Polk and Benjamin Schoendorf in Montreal and I am integrating it as I try things with my patients in my clinical practice. My interest with ACT was the breaking of behavioral pattern because the humanistic and psychodynamic perspectives are centered on subjective experience and less on behavior. I want to tell you how grateful I am for the work you did with those podcasts. I had read many many books of the persons you interviewed (even mindfulness for two by Kelly) but listening to their voices and profound humanity made a difference. After listening to them, I tried with myself and with my clients more different things and exercises that I had read about but not practice. (e.g. some delusion exercise of Russ). The history thing with Stephen Hayes was very useful for me because I know more about the history of humanistic psychology and contemporary psychoanalysis than the behavioral tradition. It helped me to understand the motivation toward scientific rigor and precision as a foundation of ACT. Finally, my good experience of the podcasts was very much a function of your "skeptical part" John and your very pertinent questions (both of you) because you asked things about "what if the patient says this or this ?" or "can you tell us more about X,Y,X because maybe our listeners don't know about it ? (which was often true for me). I also loved the way you even revealed some of your thoughts and process along the way in such an open way. I am sure you both are on the way to becoming very helpful and open heart psychotherapists. Finally I have also appreciated the balance between structure and spontaneity. The recapitulation, the reformulation, the taking care of time issue etc. was appreciated. Hope my so so english writing can convey my appreciation as well as I feel it.

Thank you for this very excellent work.

Jean Pierre Marceau, Montreal

Enjoying the podcasts!

Just wanted to say thank you for presenting this podcast series! I am an EdS student (professional counseling & supervision) completing an independent study in ACT. Your podcasts are a nice complement to Learning ACT and the other books I've been reading/working through. Merci beaucoup! Camille Scent