A little more about CEs

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ACBS is a sponsor of CEs for psychologists (APA type).

ACBS is not a sponsor of continuing education credit for other types of credit.

You should also check... some state counselling boards and social work boards, will accept APA type CEs. Depends on the state (some will allow only a certain percentage to be APA for that person when they report them to their licensing agency). Again something to check with your local state licensing boards.

The CE vs. CEU question is complicated. APA and some others call them "CEs". (The APA forms for approval that ACBS has to comply with tell us that "these are CEs, not CEUs, so NEVER call them that".) My understanding, with some groups, is that "CEUs" are groups of hours, so like 10 hours is 1 CEU. I don't know who uses them though and if the ratio is always 10/1. Nurses? You'd really need to investigate that on your own with each individual agency you're thinking of. I'm afraid I have no solid knowledge of CEUs.

For CEs, events must be a minimum of 1 hour, and we can award to the quarter hour. So for a 1.25 hour event, you'd get 1.25 CEs. Coffee breaks, non-educational portions, lunch, etc. must be subtracted, etc.

I can't stress strongly enough how important it is to read this from the APA: http://www.apa.org/ed/sponsor/resources/approval-standards.pdf  It may take a little time to get through, but it really does answer every question you might have about providing CEs for Psychologists.

One example question that we get is "I'm not a Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D.. Can I still provide a training with co-sponsored CEs for Psychologists?". This question is answered at the link above (page 6) about APA standards. "Although it is not required that instructors be psychologists, they must have expertise and be competent in the areas in which they teach. Expertise might be demonstrated by some combination of the following: relevant educational experience such as holding a doctoral degree in psychology, review of records of previous teaching experiences, year of clinical experience, publications in areas relevant to the content being taught, evaluation forms from previously offered programs, personal knowledge of the instructor’s teaching ability, and references."

I hope that helps,