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How is RFT Relevant to Clinical Psychology? (Blackledge)

This is the audio from J.T. Blackledge's teleconference: How is RFT Relevant to Clinical Psychology? Thursday March 26, 2009

After completion of this teleconference, participants will be able to identify:
  • How some core therapeutic techniques used in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (e.g., metaphor use and drawing distinctions between descriptive and evaluative language) are directly indicated by and firmly rooted in Relational Frame Theory.
  • The role that context plays in facilitating relational responding—and how strategically changing the context within which relational responding occurs can result in cognitive defusion.
  • Reasons why relational responding often results in an enhancement of human suffering.
Level: All experience levels Instructor Credentials: J.T. Blackledge received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2004, after studying under Dr. Steven Hayes, ACT's primary developer. He has published over a dozen journal articles and book chapters on ACT and Relational Frame Theory, is releasing an edited book on ACT later this year, and has conducted ACT training workshops in the US, Australia, and Ireland. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Morehead State University.

If possible, J.T. encourages you to do the RFT Tutorial before listening. Other readings you may want prior to listening are J.T. Blackledge's 2003 article An Introduction to Relational Frame Theory, and the "RFT for Clinicians" article, attached below. Also attached below is the PowerPoint (in PDF format) that J.T. wanted to make available to listeners. The 1 hour MP3 has been split into 4 files for ease in downloading (see below). ***Note, you can download the whole audio file here Complete Blackledge Audio File. On that page, click "Download". I'm having trouble loading the file below, so this is my short term solution. Also attached below is the PowerPoint (in PDF format) that J.T. wanted to make available to listeners. (You need to be logged in to your current, paid ACBS member account to see and download the files.)

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