2016 World Conference - Seattle, Washington, USA - Audio Recordings

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This page is currently under construction. Please keep checking back for more recordings

Below you will find a variety of audio recorded symposia, workshops, and panel discussions that were presented at the ACBS World Conference 14 in Seattle, Washington, USA. To access abstracts and more information for each session, please view the full conference program.

4. Pros and cons of the interpretive exercise: What’s still missing in RFT?
Chair: Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ghent University
Steven C. Hayes, UNR
Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Ghent University
Carmen Luciano, University of Almeria

Audio Length: 1:28:14

8. A Discussion About How to Evolve a More Nurturing Form of Capitalism
Chair: Anthony Biglan, Oregon Research Institute
Robyn Walser, TL Consultation Services
David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University
Joe Brewer, Evolution Institute

Audio Length:1:37:49

20. Understanding Functional Analytic Psychotherapy: Is Awareness, Courage, and Love a useful model or...only fluffy puppies?
Chair: Adam M. Kuczynski, University of Washington
Amanda Muñoz Martínez, University of Nevada
Jonathan W. Kanter, Ph.D., University of Washington
William C. Follette, Ph.D., University of Nevada
Scott T. Gaynor, Ph.D., Western Michigan University
Barbara Kohlenberg, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno
Glenn M. Callaghan, Ph.D., San Jose State University
Mavis Tsai, Ph.D., Private Practice and University of Washington 

Audio Length: 1:27:37

32. West meets East or East meets West?:Opportunities and Challenges of Disseminating ACBS to Eastern Culture
Chair: Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D., Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, University of Washington
Jonathan Bricker, Ph.D., Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, University of Washington
Steven Hayes, Ph.D., University of Nevada
Louise Hayes, Ph.D.
Zhu Zhuohong, Ph.D., China Academy of Sciences, Institute of Psychology
Harriet Phinney, Ph.D., Seattle University

Audio Length: 1:12:15

48. "I see what you did there:” RFT-Based Analysis of Therapeutic Processes 
Chair: Andreas Larsson, Karolinska Institutet & Stockholm Health Care Services
Emily Sandoz, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ghent University
Carmen Luciano, University of Almería
Jennifer Villatte, University of Washington
Matthieu Villatte, Evidence-Based Practice Institute, Seattle
Jonathan Tarbox, FirstSteps for Kids 

Audio Length: 1:28:58

54. It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an ‘I’: A Talk on Becoming Us 
Louise McHugh, University College Dublin

Audio Length: 1:27:19

62. Self-Compassion and its Implications for Mental Health: Empirical Evidence and a Contextual Framework
Chair: Joanna J. Arch, University of Colorado Boulder
Discussant: Kristin D. Neff, University of Texas at Austin
Marissa Knox, University of Texas at Austin
Jason Luoma, Ph.D., Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research, & Training Center

Audio Length: 1:29:38 

64. Beyond models, packages, and brands: Can we move toward “clinical CBS”?
Chair: Stephanie Caldas
Matthieu Villatte, Ph.D.
Niklas Torneke, M.D.
Kelly Koerner, Ph.D.
Louise Hayes, Ph.D. 

Audio Length: 1:34:34 

79. Implementation Science: Mental Health Interventions in Low and Middle Income Countries 
Shannon Dorsey, Ph.D.
Debra Kaysen, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:18:43 

88. Health Disparities, Racism, & the Role of Contextual Behavioral Science 
Chair: Monnica T. Williams, Ph.D.
Monnica T. Williams, Ph.D.
Jonathan W. Kanter, Ph.D.
Daniel C. Rosen, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:29:17 

91. Nurturing Communities in Higher Education: Helping At-Risk Undergraduate Students "Show Up and Do What Matters"
Chair: Jennifer Block Lerner, Ph.D.
Donald R. Marks, Psy.D.
Jacqueline Pistorello, Ph.D.
Michael Femenella, Ph.D.
Ashlynne Mullen, M.A.

Audio Length: 1:29:04

103. CBS Beyond ACT: Is there room for theoretical diversity within ACBS?
Chair: Dennis Tirch, Ph.D.
Thomas Szabo, Ph.D.
Mark Sisti, Ph.D.
Laura Silberstein, Psy.D.
Michael J. Femenella, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:31:56

106. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Couples
Avigail Lev, Psy.D.
Matthew McKay, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:32:10

117. The Role of the Therapeutic Relationship in ACT
Chair: Helen Bolderston, Ph.D.
David Gillanders, DClinPsy
Jacqueline Pistorello, Ph.D.
Robyn D. Walser, Ph.D.
Gareth Holman, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:18:03

118. Helping Students Make School Meaningful 
Lauren Porosoff
Jonathan Weinstein, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:23:08

130. Using Contextual Behavioral Science to Address Treatment Barriers among Trauma-Exposed Veterans
Chair: Jed Grodin, Ph.D.
John Donahue, Psy.D.
Amy Wagner, Ph.D.
Robyn Walser, Ph.D.
Joshua Clark, Ph.D.
Jed Grodin, Ph.D.

Audio Length: 1:17:38

131. Training perspective taking in children with Autism, in the laboratory, and in the clinic 
Chair: Josh Kaplan
Discussant: Carmen Luciano
Thomas G. Szabo, Ph.D.
Kelli Smith
Paul Guinther, Ph.D.
Benjamin Schoendorff, M.A.

Audio Length: 1:17:49