2014 Chapter Conference Info and Documents

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Program Presentations Included:

Turner, N. & Welches, P. - Mindfulness Based Sobriety: A clinician’s guide for integrating ACT, Motivational Interviewing, and Relapse Prevention Therapy in addiction and mental health recovery

Georgescu, S. & Hurley, A. - ACT, Diversity & Stigma

Brock, M. - Acting with Compassion (Part I)  Participants will learn to: 1. Help clients better regulate and tolerate anxiety through the activation of their evolved capacity for mindful compassion

Salstrom, S., Holly, A., & Gartner, R. ACT with Children and Adolescents

Thomson, R. - Mindfulness for Therapists: Establishing and deepening your practice

Brock, M. - Acting with Compassion (Part II) See above

Millner, S. & Meyer, B. - Understanding and Working with Grief from an ACT Perspective 

Niolon, R. & Georgescu, S. - Informed Consent in Modern Contextual CBTs (3 hrs)

Walser, R. - ACT and the Therapeutic Relationship: Bringing compassion, love, and fun into the therapy session

Sherrill, A., Holmberg, N., Orbon, S., Miron, L., & Knoll, R.  - The Willingness Model of Group Experiential Learning: How to develop an effective peer learning group  Ballroom A

Brock, M. - The 9 Mistakes New ACT Therapists Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Walser, R. - Living in a Disorderly World: Acceptance and compassion in the treatment of trauma Participants will be able to: 1. Describe the psychopathological impact of experiential avoidance and its relationship to trauma - Ballroom

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