Barnes-Holmes et al., 2001

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Barnes-Holmes, Y., Barnes-Holmes, D., Roche, B., & Smeets, P. (2001). Exemplar training and a derived transformation of function in accordance with symmetry: II. The Psychological Record, 51, 589-604.

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RFT: Empirical
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symmetry training, object-action, transformation of stimulus functions

The authors, researchers at the National University of Ireland and Leiden University, conducted a study, using a multiple baseline design, to determine whether exemplar training in symmetry relations would readily facilitate the transformation of function in accordance with symmetry, when subjects were not provided with explicit name training. The study also examined whether pretraining that was formally similar to the symmetry test, but did not reinforce symmetry relations, would have the same facilitative effect as exemplar training. Experiment 3 replicated Experiment 1, except that subjects were exposed to object-action pretraining. Across Experiments 1 and 2, none of the 8 subjects show derived object-action (Experiment 1) or action-object (Experiment 2) symmetry until they received explicit symmetry training. Pretraining object-action responding in Experiment 3 appeared to facilitate symmetry, but only for 4 of the 8 subjects. For the 4 subjects who failed, symmetry emerged following exposure to exemplar training. Overall, the data are consistent with Relational Frame Theory.

This study clears some questions raised by Part I. Specifically, the authors found that naming is not a critical component of transformation, and children could readily demonstrate transformed functions in accordance with symmetry with no history of naming. The third part of the study examined the effects of pre-training. Results suggest that pre-training may be effective, but if not, to forgo additional pre-training and move immediately to multiple exemplar training.
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