ACT for Returning Vets (and others)

ACT for Returning Vets (and others)

September 8, 2013

This website ( presents the five core ACT processes with non-jargon language. The website’s content is based upon a live workshop, named LifeGuard, that has been delivered to returning Veterans, their families, and first-line responders: police officers, firefighters, clergy, college counselors, and employers. The LifeGuard workshop is a one-time, two hour demonstration that uses skits, physical metaphors, and exercises to present the ACT skills. The workshop was evaluated, and positive findings were generated. If you want to know more about the workshop’s findings, you can read the article’s abstract at the following link:

Although the workshop was developed for returning Veterans and their families, it has been delivered to numerous, diverse groups. It has been well-received and anecdotal reports from audience participants suggest that the skills have proven useful -- through a grant a website was created to deliver the material. The LifeGuard workshop and the accompanying web version are educational in nature and are not intended to be a substitute for therapy. The reason for both the workshop and the website is to present ACT skills to the general public, Veterans and non-Veterans alike, so that they can share the skills with one another: peer-to-peer assistance.

Feel free to view the workshop clips and role-play demonstrations on the site and forward the link to whomever you think could benefit from the ACT core processes. The website is free; you do not have to register or identify yourself in any way to log onto the site. 

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