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The 100 Randomized Controlled Trial milestone represents the culmination of 30 years of ACT research from this community. Passing the century mark is a step in our valued direction but as always there is work yet to be done. This both a time for celebration and reflection as well as a call to continue our work toward refining and improve the technology. As Steve Hayes noted in an earlier listserv post, ACT has moved out of its childhood and the story of its adulthood has yet to be written.
In 2008 Beate Ebert founded the non-profit organization Commit and Act whose mission is "to bring psychotherapist support to traumatized people in areas of conflict." Since its founding Commit and Act in partnership with ACBS have helped to train native counselors who have treated hundred through individually, in groups, and in workshops. With the outbreak of Ebola Commit and Act has begun working on innovative ways to educate the population about the disease and develop healthy behavioral alternatives that may assist ameliorating the loss.