Room Share/ Ride Share

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transparentBackground copia.thumbnail.pngPlease use this page to find hotel roommates, rides to the World Conference, and/or rental car sharing.

To post your need, click "add new comment" (which appears in blue below). It is recommended that you list your email address so that you may be contacted directly, but that is up to you.

To respond to a posting, click "reply" at the bottom of a post, and your reply will appear on this page (you may want to give your email address so that you may be contacted directly).

When your need has been met, please go back to your comment (be sure you are logged in) and click "edit", and delete the content of your post. (admin is the only one who can delete the post entirely, but if you have deleted all of the content, I'll know to delete the post) Otherwise people will just keep contacting you....

Click "Contact Us" above in the header of the site for feedback or assistance. You only need a login to interact with this page, paid membership is not required to participate.)