Public Transportation Info

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Whether you prefer the bus, light rail (train), bike, or taxi, there are plenty of ways to explore the city of Minneapolis!

Metro Transit Buses and Light Rail (Train)

Metro Transit buses and trains make it extremely easy to get around Minneapolis with numerous routes and the high frequency of departures.  The bus/train fares are $2.25 during rush hours (Monday-Friday 6 to 9am and 3 to 6:30pm), and $1.75 for all other times.  Each fare also includes a 2.5 hour transfer at no additional cost. (tickets "expire" 2.5 hours after purchase) If you ride in the downtown zone only, then your fare is just $0.50.  On the buses, you will need to pay at the farebox when boarding by placing cash (no change given back) or by swiping your Go-To card on the blue card reader.  On the trains, you will need to pay at the station platform before getting on by using either cash, credit card, or by validating your Go-To card on the reader.

Go-To cards are convenient because they allow you to store a monetary value or a certain number of rides so that you don't have to make a separate transaction every time you ride. These cards can be purchased at Go-To card retailers, at Metro transit stores, or online.

You can find maps and schedules for all of the various routes as well as get your own personalized schedule online here.  If the online information seems a little too overwhelming, feel free to call Metro Transit at 612-373-3333 to speak to a helpful representative who can tell you exactly what route to take and what stops you need to utilize in order to get to your destination.

Free Nicollet Mall Bus

You can ride for free along Nicollet Mall between the Convention Center and the METRO Hiawatha Blue Line along 5th Street. The conference venue (Minneapolis Marriott City Center) is located near Nicollet Mall and S. 7th St., so just hop on a bus labeled "Free Ride" any day of the week between 5:00am and 1:00am.  The buses come every 10-15 minutes northbound and every 10-30 minute southbound.  For more details and a bus stop map, click here.

Nice Ride Bike System

Want to get out in the fresh Minneapolis air and make your way around the city?  Use the Nice Ride bike system for convenient, easy-to-use bikes all around the city. To use a bike for a day, you will need to purchase a 24-hour subscription ($6.00 USD) by inserting your credit card at one of the pay stations located at each of the Nice Ride stations. Then simply take a bike and go!  You can return the bike to any station later on in the day. Please keep in mind the details of the pricing for the additional trip fees.

Taxi Options

Suburban Taxi
Online booking, Call 612-522-2222, or Text your pick-up address to 651-433-6333

Blue & White Taxi Service
Online pre-pay booking or Text your pick-up address to 612-963-7173

Red & White Taxi
Call 612-871-1600

Airport Taxi MN
Online booking or Call 612-721-0000

Want to go check out the Mall of America? 

Jump on the METRO Blue Line light rail. You can board the train at the Nicollet Mall Station just a couple blocks from the conference venue. View the full Blue Line Mall of America schedule for departure times.

Need information on parking at the Marriott City Center?  Please click here.