VLQ - Valued Living Questionnaire

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The Valued Living Questionnaire is a simple questionnaire originally developed as a clinical tool. It's categories map relatively closely to the categories in the original ACT book (no surprise, since I authored both). A copy of the paper is available by clicking the citation below.

Wilson, K. G., Sandoz, E. K., Kitchens, J., & Roberts, M. E. (2010). The Valued Living Questionnaire: Defining and measuring valued action within a behavioral framework. The Psychological Record, 60, 249-272.

The manuscript contains a copy of the VLQ. I have also added a short working guide to its use. Feel free to email me Kelly G. Wilson for any updates.

Also, to get additional info on the flavor of the values work, I would recommend reading my chapter with Amy Murrell in the Mindfulness and Acceptance book. The chapter is also available here on this site: Values Work in ACT.

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