Utah State University - Michael Twohig (ACT/RFT; PhD; USA)

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I am a professor in the clinical psychology program at Utah State University. Our (the lab's) research generally focuses on treatment development and treatment evaluation. We work to determine the effectiveness of particular treatment modalities, but we have an equal emphasis on determining why these treatments work (mechanisms of action). Our work focuses on therapies in the "behavioral" and "empirically supported" tradition including ACT, CBT, and BT or exposure therapies. I have done a lot of work in anxiety disorders, especially OCD and trichotillomania, but I am very interested in many clinical areas. I also work with both adult and child populations.

I have very good training in ACT. I received my Ph.D. under Steve Hayes at Reno. I am also well trained in CBT after doing my clinical internship under Maureen Whittal, Melisa Robichaud, and Jach Rachman at UBC in Vancouver, BC. I work very hard to help my students do well in whatever area of psychology they are interested in whether it be clinical, research, or both. We have a very active research lab and students should expect to be successful while working with me. I also offer training in ACT throughout your entire time at USU. We have a very nice research space and student's are generally funded throughout their time at USU.

Finally, the snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, etc. are wonderful in Utah!

If you have an interest in working with me please contact me by phone or e-mail. Mike



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