Utah State University - Michael Levin (ACT/RFT; PhD; USA)

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I'm an assistant professor in the Combined Clinical, Counseling, School Psychology Ph.D. program at Utah State University. Our lab has broad research interests within the contextual behavioral science tradition, but our work is particularly focused on developing and testing acceptance and mindfulness-based treatments implemented through computerized and other self-help formats (i.e., websites, mobile apps, bibliotherapy). We are also particularly interested in examining the components and processes of change for ACT. We’ve conducted research in a variety of problem areas including addictive behaviors, depression, anxiety, obesity and stigma, in part because of interests in transdiagnostic approaches. Current projects include developing a transdiagnostic web-based ACT program for distressed college students, developing a values-focused web-based program for psychiatric outpatients, and evaluating mobile app interventions.

I received my Ph.D. under Steve Hayes at University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). I also have training in other contextual CBTs including DBT and FAP from my time at UNR.

USU is an exciting place for CBS research and contextual CBT clinical training. Michael Twohig is a faculty member in the combined program and offers a practicum in ACT. There are also several behavior analysts in the psychology department faculty and the combined program is now offering an informal contextual behavioral science emphasis area for graduate student training.

To learn more about my research and USU visit the links below:

USU psychology website: http://psychology.usu.edu/

USU Lab Website: http://usucbs.com/

You can also contact me by e-mail at Michael.Levin@usu.edu



(This webpage was updated on May 14, 2018)