USA - Rhode Island - Affiliate of ACBS

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(Under Construction).

Rhode Island Affiliate of ACBS

In order to cultivate and enhance the development the CBS and ACT community in Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Affiliate is a newly forming group of individuals.  At these early stages of development, potential members of ACBS interested in joining this affiliate will be contacted and potentially recruited for leadership positions.  The Rhode Island Affiliate of ACBS hopes to facilitate the creation of ACT Study groups, peer-to-peer consultation, and eventually ACT and CBS-related training events to local therapists and mental health workers.  If you are interested in becoming more involved wiht this affiliate, please contact Brian Pilecki at  

Current Interested Members:

Kristy Dalrymple

Theresa Morgan

Brian Pilecki

Julie Angiola Morris

Douglas Long

Sarah McCutcheon

Catherine D'Avanzato

Erika Litvin Bloom

Lucille Mehring

Stephanie Czech

Thomas Sheeran

Kirsten Langdon

Lindsay W. Schnetzer

Kara Massie

Dianne Arvisais

Jenniimarie Febres