Uppsala University - Joanne Dahl (ACT/RFT; MSc, PhD; Sweden)

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The ACT Lab in Uppsala at the department of psychology represents a concerted effort in forwarding ACT clinical research. It aims at supporting students doing or interesting in doing clinical research in ACT at all levels. The vision of the Lab is to work towards a breadth of application, clarity of protocols, ease and clarity of training therapists, clarity of adherence and competence , adequacy of process measures, tightness of the control conditions, tests against known technologies, links to basic processes and large scale effectiveness. The Lab is open to all interested student at the department of psychology, both the clinical psychology program as well as the other programs at the department. It is open to students of all levels but will probably be of most interest to those involved in or close to being involved in the masters level thesis or doctoral dissertation. The program scheduled for every other Friday afternoon between 13-1600 is comprised of a combination of smaller lectures in general methodological areas such as the use of END NOTE reference system, statistical programs, update on research followed by a practical part where students may use the group to practice clinical skills of ACT needed for research projects.

Read updates at Joanne Dahl's website.


The following is a list of the areas of ACT where there are ongoing studies at some stage, along with areas that need to be addressed. This organisation may help new students see where they might like to aim research efforts.

  • Breadth of Application
  • Behavior medicine
  • Chronic Pain

    Long term musculoskeletal pain Chronic headache

  • Epilepsy

    Treatment of partial complex seizure drug refractory Treatment of partial complex seizures for people in developmental countries with no access to anticonvulsant drug therapy Lab studies: dismantling effects of ACT and BT on seizure process

  • Diabetes
  • Eating disturbances

    Anorexia Obesity

  • Constipation
  • Asthma
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Social Phobia
  • Psychometric studies
  • Process measures: ACT specific

    Bull’s eye AAQEP (AAQ for epilepsy) AAQ in Swedish

  • Biological measures such as the use of EEG, EMG, GSR, MRT or other psychophysiological measures to study process of treatment.
  • Relational Frame Theory

    Study circle Stigmatization study for epilepsy Cooperation with RFT labs in the UK Development of IRAP/RFT Lab (may involve younger students)

  • Values work

    Standardization of values compass protocol Values workbook IRAP RFT lab study for Values frames

  • Protocols

    Uppsala 4 session base protocol (a good place to start) Create video tapes of individual and group sessions Development of a base manual.

  • Education and training

    Vertical organization of students where students with experience train new students in protocols, ACT core skills and the use of measurements. Students doing clinical thesis may use the lab to practice skills, get help with problems in developing manuals, clinical skills, measurement problems, statistics and writing up of the project.

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