University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Depression Treatment Speciality Clinic - Jonathan Kanter (FC; PhD; USA)

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The UWM Depression Treatment Specialty Clinic is a clinical research laboratory devoted to understanding depression and improving access to services and treatment for depression in the Milwaukee area.

In our lab we encourage developing an understanding of behaviorism as a way to understand and research psychotherapy. The basic ideas are:

1. Behavior is best understood in terms of the context in which it occurs or has occurred in the past. We look into people's lives and the world they live in to understand why they feel and act the way they do.

2. The relationship that a therapist forms with the client is extremely important. Good, intense client-therapist relationships are incredibly powerful and can lead to powerful changes.

3. We do not consider a psychological problem to be solved until the person’s behavior has improved. We aim to help people enjoy active and meaningful lives that they feel are worth living. This means that treatment may not be about reducing depression (although it may be) but it may also be about finding one’s values and how to live life in the service of those values.

Visit the lab site and Jonathan Kanter's faculty page for more information.