University of South Florida - Timothy Weil (Behavioral/Applied RFT/RFT; MA, Ph. D.; USA)

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Dr. Timothy Weil's lab holds an emphasis on basic behavioral principles and applications while seeking ways to combine those with the more recent behavioral developments of Relational Frame Theory. The lab particularly seeks ways to incorporate RFT principles into more traditional Verbal Behavior models to increase the effectiveness of this training with targeted individuals.

The lab also seeks ways to use an ACT based approach to increase the effectiveness of traditional behavioral approaches with a variety of populations including parents and individuals diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. Specifically, the lab seeks to deliver ACT based behavioral interventions in a protocolized way as to make it accessible to other behavior analysts.

In addition, the Lab supports all forms of traditional behavior analysis research in applied settings (including clinics, group homes, and adult day training facilities) involving a variety of different populations (from children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities, individuals with a traumatic brain injury, parents of individuals with traumatic brain injury, as well as typically developing populations of all age ranges) and skills.


Dr. Weil's staff page may be found here and information about the USF ABA Master's program may be found here.