University of Mississippi - Kelly Wilson & Kate Kellum (ACT/RFT; PhD; USA)

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This is the short version of the two-part mission of the Wilson-Kellum Lab at Ole Miss:

Part 1: The Content Mission. Yes, the lab has a mission. To make theoretical and empirical analyses of the role of basic verbal processes in complex human behavior; to aim these analyses at topics that seem central to a life lived well; and, to pursue the applied implications of these analyses in the service of improving lives.

Part 2: The Process Mission. To create an environment in which behavioral scientists are nurtured. The lab will mindfully pursue the professional development of its members in order to equip them to play an important role in the bettering of the human condition through the development, dissemination and application of this science. Professional development is understood in our group in the very broadest possible sense. Too often in psychology and other disciplines, professional development has been very narrowly construed--i.e., becoming a competent psychologist. In our lab, we are interested in the development of whole persons. Joining the lab means making a commitment to have lab be about supporting others, and in allowing yourself to be supported, in the development of a whole life.

We have an APA accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology and also offer Ph.D.'s in experimental psychology at the University of Mississippi. Kate Kellum and I co-direct this lab. If you are interested in doctoral training with us, you should look at the Lab Manifesto and at my Academic Homepage. Surf around my website and you will get a pretty good sense of the culture of our workgroup. If you are thinking about doc training, please do yourself a favor and think hard about the culture of the place you are trained. If you pick well, your graduate training will end with sweet sorrow. You will know it is time to go, but, there will be tears shed as you leave. We are not the most famous or richest place to be trained, but we offer something here that you cannot get elsewhere.

If you are interested in training opportunities and upcoming workshops, visit my training pages.


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