Tull & Roemer, 2003

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Tull, M. T., & Roemer, L. (2003). Alternative explanations for emotional numbing of posttraumatic stress disorder: An examination of hyperarousal and experiential avoidance. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 25, 147-154.

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ACT: Empirical
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PTSD, emotional numbing, experiential avoidance, trauma

The mechanisms that underlie the emotional numbing symptoms associated with PTSD are not well understood. Studies of Vietnam combat veterans have demonstrated that hyperarousal symptoms predict emotional numbing symptoms more strongly than do other symptoms of PTSD. The current study sought to extend these findings through the self-report of 170 female sexual assault survivors. The study also examined whether the relationship between hyperarousal and emotional numbing symptoms was the result of the relationship of each of these to another variable, the tendency to engage in experiential avoidance. Results were consistent with and extended previous findings. Hyperarousal symptoms were also found to predict emotional numbing symptoms above and beyond experiential avoidance, as well as all other symptoms of PTSD.

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