The Implications of Relational Frame Theory (RFT) for Precision Teaching (PT)

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Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D., discusses the importance of establishing fluency of basic elements of complex performances key to effective education. Unfortunately, there is no prior functional guide to how best to identify these basic elements. There is a strong tendency to rely on topography, common sense, or existing curricula instead of inductive contextual behavioral science methods. In this talk he argues that this has enormously hobbled Precision Teaching (PT) and behavior analysis. Using Relational Frame Theory (RFT) as a starting point, he shows how the unit that emerged within that inductive research program has evolved. Dr. Hayes also gives examples of how it may be possible to create a leap forward in educational practice by carefully integrating fluency based education with relational framing.

This talk was a Keynote address at the International Precision Teaching Conference in Reno, NV, in December of 2011.

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