Stanislaw Malicki - ACT supervision in English, Norwegian and Polish

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I am a licensed specialist in clinical psychology working at an outpatient unit (DPS Øvre Romerike) of the Akershus University Hospital in Norway. I am also an associated lecturer of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland, where I train psychologists and medical doctors attending post-graduate psychotherapy programs in CBT and in third wave therapies. Currently, I'm listed as an ACBS peer-reviewed ACT trainer, and I've also received certified training in CBT and DBT.

I offer both in person and online ACT supervision either individually or in groups. I give supervision in English, Norwegian and Polish.
In Norway my supervision certificate (veiledningsattest) may be used by licensed psychologists as a partial fulfillment of requirements to become a certified specialist in clinical psychology (psykologspesialist).

My main areas of interest are depression, chronic suicidality, personality disorders and complex clinical problems with the background of childhood trauma, abuse and neglect. I have also expertise in crisis psychology and experience from work in emergency settings including acute psychosis. I work clinically both as an individual and group therapist and can supervise your work in both settings. You can also consult me on the use of ACT strategies in the context of diagnostic and assessment issues, general clinical case conceptualizations and on the integration of ACT within a coherent, multidisciplinary treatment plan.

I've been using ACT in clinical work since 2009, and from 2011 to 2016 I participated in a peer-supervision group run by Jason Luoma. In 2014 I completed my peer-reviewing process and became officially recognized as an ACT trainer by ACBS.

During the past couple of years my interests focused on the integration of ACT with the evolutionary psychology and the neuroscience of human relationships. My aim was to improve and further develop ACT by widening its focus to interpersonal dynamics. A result of that work was the development of a new group intervention for chronic and recurrent depression.

If you want to know more about my background and current work visit my website. If you want to enquire if I currently have capacity to give you supervision feel free to send me an email: