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Asociación Científica de Psicología Conductual y Contextual (ACPCC) 
(ACBS of Spain)

Affiliated 2009

Contact Information

Lidia Budziszewska
c/ Dr. Fleming
44 Bajo.
28036 - Madrid
+ 34 6222 99 525

Current Board of Directors

Honorary President :
Carmen Luciano Soriano

Executive President:
Mónica Hernández López

Vice President: 
Lidia Budziszewska

Adrián Barbero Rubio

Members at large:
Bárbara Gil Luciano
Luis Jorge Ruiz Sánchez
Ángel Alonso Sanz
Zaida Callejón Ruiz
Ana Camín Espinosa



  • Promote a better understanding of human condition and suffering based on the principles of functional-contextual science, disseminating this functional-contextual approach in Spain.
  • Support the interests of researchers, practitioners and students in Spain on basic principles of experimental analysis, workable applied theories linked to these principles and effective applied technologies.
  • Promote the coordination among researchers in Spain in a way that is effective in disseminating their scientific developments in the international scientific community.
  • Promote the connection between basic research on the role of contingencies and the transformation of functions and applied research and applications in human domains.
  • Promote the formation and supervision of Spanish professionals in disciplines which embrace the principles and practices of contextual behavioral science.
  • Coordinate efforts in order to create a database with Spanish materials that contributes disseminating the best available scientific evidence on ACT and RFT.
  • Promote the dissemination of Third-Wave Therapies both in the private arena and the public context, encouraging a new model of Mental Health in Spain.

Description of Membership

Members of the Association shall be persons who are interested in the advancement of functional contextual science and practice in Spain.

Affiliated Website

ACPCC Asociación Científica de Psicología Conductual y Contextual