Skype Regional & Topic Groups

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Coming Soon: Dates TBA

The Chatper & SIG Committe is in the process of organizing "Skype Gatherings" for our chapters & SIG's.  

  • Geographic and language grouped Skype Gatherings: neighbor chapters will be brought together via a skype gathering to brainstorm and synergize efforts, activities, problems & solutions.
  • Topic Skype Gatherings:  a variety of skype gatherings will be scheduled to brainstrom and optimize common chapter & SIG activities such as:
  1. Elections
  2. Incorporation options and 501c6 and taxes
  3. Top 10 Best Practices of successful chapters
  4. Utilizing ACBS website (make a suggestion, make a child page and a resource, find what your looking for)
  5. Website resources overview
  6. Peer Supv groups
  7. Recruiting members
  8. New chapters speak to a old chapter
  9. What you always wanted to know about chapters but were afraid to ask

Want to host a meeting, have experience to share, offer, let us know

Have additional suggestions for a skype topic or meeting, let the chapter and SIG comiittee know....